Versacarry Holster Systems

Versacarry 1Some solutions are so clear and work so well that you end up wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?” The Versacarry Zero Bulk holster system is certainly one of these ingeniously simple and yet extremely convenient and effective devices. Like many gun owners, I have more than one handgun. When I carry concealed I will switch which gun I have on me depending on what I am wearing. Each different gun means a different holster, and some of my guns also have lasers on them, which means yet another holster.

While I certainly don’t mind doing my part to keep all the good folks in the holster-making industry employed, I am running out of closet space. Sadly, many of the universal holsters out there are just that—universal—and don’t offer a very good fit, especially for concealed carry. The Versacarry, however, is an inside-the-waistband (IWB) concealed-carry system that is very nearly universal, holds my gun securely in place and is very comfortable. The ingenuity of the system revolves around the barrel retention rod, which is made from a self-lubricating and tough polymer that is inserted into the front of the barrel at a 45-degree angle and holds the gun against the polymer clip. A polymer triggerguard is user installed in the retention clip for safety and can be set for right- or left-hand carry, and the integral belt clip fits up to 1.5-inch belts. The whole thing really does live up to its Zero Bulk name, and it is the smallest and lightest holster you will find.

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