Tatiana Whitlock’s Concealed Carry Tips For Women

tatiana whitlockHave you been looking for a concealed carry training class but ran into difficulty finding one at a convenient time or location? Maybe you took a class and were disappointed to find it dominated by more advanced, tactically minded students. If so, consider a video training class from Panteao Productions‘ Make Ready series.

Tatiana Whitlock designed her new training video, Practical Concealed Carry for Women, to be easily accessible and geared toward beginners in the world of concealed carry. The video is about two hours long, but it is broken up into chapters that can be watched in increments. It can be purchased as a DVD or streamed directly onto your computer or mobile app. Imagine watching one chapter at a time while you wait at the doctor’s office or on the train!

In addition to these advantages, Whitlock caters to a beginner-level audience using clear, easy-to-understand language as she explains the various ins and outs of concealed carry. Her background as an instructor in both armed and unarmed self-defense and as a producer of realistic training aids makes her training techniques both practical and well considered. More advanced students will be interested to hear her opinions on the ideal methods for concealed carry.

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