SP10: Seekins Precision’s High-Power .308 Rifle

seekins precisionAs the patrol rifle has become increasingly popular in law enforcement circles, the limits of the .223 round are also becoming apparent. It is important to keep in mind that the .223, or 5.56mm, was developed in order to allow soldiers to carry more ammunition, not because of its down-range effectiveness.

The thinking was that the more lead in the air the higher your hit ratio. Of course, the cartridge’s higher velocity and design did prove lethal enough for its continued use these past 50-plus years as the standard infantry round for American and NATO troops. So, too, it has proven itself extremely effective in law enforcement, however, as the military also discovered, sometimes there is just no replacement for the .308/7.62mm.

Whether you need a gun for rural home defense or even large animal control, there is a clear need for an accurate and dependable .308 rifle. This is easy to find in the new .308 Seekins Precision SP10 rifle. This direct gas impingement, semi-automatic rifle is based on the large-frame AR design, which offers a greater ease of training and transition from a standard multi-mission rifle, as the controls and method of operation remain the same.

Glen Seekins started Seekins Precision in 2004 to manufacture scope rings that were durable and weighed less than comparable steel rings. The growing need for precision and high-quality products in the AR market led him to a produce a billet AR lower receiver, a full line of AR accessories and eventually complete rifles.

The SP10 rifle is available with an 18- or 16-inch barrel, but the shorter barrel (tested here) may be the preferred option for ease of transport. The 16-inch, match-grade barrel is CNC-machined from premium stainless steel blanks and features 5R button rifling. Upon completion, the barrels are inspected four times to check exact tolerances for maximum accuracy and given a bead-blasted matte finish. Chambered specifically in 7.62x51mm, the barrel is given a lighter contour to help with overall weight reduction for the completed rifle.

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