The Racist Taco

Hint for White people: It is the hat that makes this racist. Otherwise a great costume.

Hint for White people: It is the hat that makes this racist. Otherwise a great costume.

There is no such thing as a bad taco, except for no tacos or ones that make you run for the bathroom. There are however racist tacos. Here is my story. Back in the early 90s we had this thing called Political Correctness especially on college campuses. Everyone was a weenie and white people had to apologize for everything. How is that different than today? 1. Now it is not just on college campuses but everywhere, 2. Social media has made the problem worse, and 3. People are even more hypersensitive now than they were then (we even had to make up new words for it like “Micro Aggressions”).

Back then no one would have used the term “White Hispanic” as that would have been seen as racist. What we did have (directed towards Hispanics) is the constant baby cheerleading pep talks you use with a little kid that just crapped in the toilet for the first time instead of his pants. Black people mostly seemed to be focused on self-segregation back then. That may have been the smarter way to go.

When I was graduating from college (finally) I received a special invitation for a reception that the University was sponsoring for “Graduating Hispanic Seniors.” Meeting all three criteria I decided to attend. There was some high muckety mucks from the university speechifying and telling us what a good job we had done and how proud they were of us, etc. That was bad enough but then we were invited forward one at a time (this was on the East Coast so it wasn’t like there were a million of us) and presented with an official looking certificate which (I paraphrase) said “Congratulations for being Hispanic and having managed to graduate from an actual university.”

OK this one is really racist.

OK this one is really racist.

I am not sure why the liberal hyper politically correct Latino jackasses that compromised most of my fellow students didn’t seem to have an issue with this. Nor did they appear to be bothered at all with what came next, the reception.

Ah…Finally…The moment I had been waiting for, my very raison d’attendance, free food and drinks time. We were feted to a full buffet of Mexican food, tacos as far as the eye could see. Am I Mexican? No. Were most of us Mexican? No. Was this completely racist and inappropriate? Probably. I was very offended and the 12 tacos I stuffed myself with barely consoled the sorrow I felt inside. I died a little that day (possibly as a result of some undercooked chicken in one of the tacos).

Tacos are delicious food. It doesn’t matter if they are ethnic or not or when they are served. Just enjoy and relax.

Check out this college Alien party with tacos.


  1. Peter Caroline says:

    Jeez, kids nowadays! In the early 1950s, I went to a small summer camp in rural Maine. The campers were all kids from the Boston suburbs, from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. We referred to each other as kikes, dagos, spics, dot-heads, chinks, etc. Everyone gave as good as they received, and nobody got their feelings hurt (I don’t think we had any feelings back then…we were teenagers, fachrisake!)

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