Everyday Carry: Versatile EDC Holster Options

versacarryIn the old days, all you needed to slap iron was a tough piece of cow leather to hold your gun on your belt, and when things started to get fancy they added a snap. If you were cheap, you could just stick the gun in your belt holster-less. However, with new types of carry, both open and concealed, and new materials being introduced, the holster of yesterday has evolved into a complete system.

Like many gun owners, I have more than one handgun. When I carry concealed, I will switch which gun I have on me depending on what I am wearing and how I want to carry it. Each different gun means a different holster, and some of my guns also have lasers or lights on them, which means yet another holster. There are also universal holsters out there that have certainly been improving significantly. Here are some everyday carry holster options that have “out of the box” thinking built right in!

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