Del-Ton’s First Big-Bore AR — The Echo DTI .308

Del-Ton DTI-308The new Del-Ton Echo DTI .308 rifle is the company’s first foray into the big-bore AR market, and the company has done so with the intent of appealing to a broad range of users. Marketed under the tagline “Shooter/Hunter/Defender”, it is clear that the DTI .308 is designed to fulfill a broad range of missions.

The DTI .308 will accept many parts that fit standard and plentiful .223/5.56mm ARs, including the buffer tube, stocks, grips, triggers and safety. This rifle also follows the “common” pattern of the Gen I DPMS .308 ARs for which several manufacturers now produce aftermarket parts such as handguards.

The DTI .308 is a carbine-length, direct-impingement rifle. The 16-inch, chrome-moly-vanadium barrel features a heavy profile and a 1-in-10-inch twist rate to handle a wide variety of bullet weights. The muzzle is threaded and topped with an A2-style flash suppressor that can be removed and replaced with a different-style muzzle device or a direct-thread suppressor (another item gaining in popularity among hunters).

The barrel features a durable and weather resistant manganese-phosphate finish, including under the front sight base/gas block—an area that sometimes gets overlooked on less professional builds. The elevation-adjustable front sight is standard for an AR and includes a sling swivel and a bayonet lug (just in case). At the rear of the barrel, Del-Tom made sure to include M4 feed ramps to improve reliability and feeding.

Del-Ton has also done a smart thing with this rifle’s handguard. Instead of a heavy and unnecessary tactical quad-rail, the company added a circular aluminum handguard with a knurled texture. This allows the barrel to remain free-floating, improving accuracy, and the basic design helps keep the rifle’s weight down to a minimum. The texture also helps keep the rifle firmly in the hand even under inclement conditions.

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