Tatiana Whitlock’s Concealed Carry Tips For Women

tatiana whitlock

Have you been looking for a concealed carry training class but ran into difficulty finding one at a convenient time or location? Maybe you took a class and were disappointed to find it dominated by more advanced, tactically minded students. If so, consider a video training class from Panteao Productions‘ Make Ready series. Tatiana Whitlock […]

Colonial Shooting Academy: America’s Largest Indoor Range

Colonial Shooting Academy

The Colonial Shooting Academy (CSA), located in Richmond, Virginia, is the largest indoor range in the United States, with over 50 shooting lanes from 20 to 25 yards. It was designed from the top down to satisfy the needs of area consumers desperately in need of a full-service retail shooting establishment that offers a comfortable […]

DIY Tips: Building Your Own Airgun Range

Airgun range

Have you seen the price of ammunition lately? While it’s available, it certainly isn’t getting any cheaper. If you are serious about your handgun training, you also need to add the cost of gas and range fees to the equation, not to mention the time it takes to get to the range. Fortunately, there is […]

Bringing The Heat: MLB Pitcher Andrew Cashner on Shooting Sports

andrew cashner

All athletes are naturally competitive and strive for their highest level of performance every time. One sport stands out, however, not just for its discipline and the longevity of its participants but for its practical application as well: shooting. The oldest Olympic competitor and medalist was Swedish shooter Oscar Swahn, who won his first medal […]

223 and .308 Bullet Drop and Sighting In


I will start with the assumption that everyone gets the concept of gravity. If you don’t then have a friend throw apples at your head until you do. In shooting, the second the bullet exits the barrel gravity takes hold and starts to pull the bullet down towards the ground. The longer the bullet is […]

Dig For Diamonds at Your State Park


In April of 2014, David Anderson found a 6.19-carat white diamond just lying on the ground. This wasn’t some lost piece of jewelry, but a natural and uncut diamond fresh from the earth at the only place in the United States where anyone can dig for diamonds and keep what they find: Crater of Diamonds […]

Reticles: Mil-Dot Versus MOA


I hate to keep bringing up the old days but it is true. Food tasted better, people had manners and didn’t dress like bums (even the actual bums) and everything cost a nickel. Rifle scopes were also much simpler affairs with fixed magnification and a plain crosshair, plus every shot was guaranteed to hit dead […]

What’s in Doug Koenig’s Range Bag


Most anyone who spends time around guns knows the name of Doug Koenig, even if you don’t follow competitive shooting. But if you have ever wondered why that name is so familiar, there is good reason. Koenig is widely considered to be the best all-around competitive shooter in the world, having won the NRA National […]

Owning Guns in Latin America (Nicaragua be be exact)


Gun ownership is not easy in Nicaragua but easier than you may think and certainly easier than in some parts of the US. I visit the Poligono Magnum shooting range just outside of Managua. Also the gun shop in Managua and interview the owner, Salvador Luna. Watch the video to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjawOt5rImY

Active Response Training Offers Tactical First-Aid Solutions

crisis medicine

Imagine being alone with a loved one who is seriously injured and having no way to call an ambulance. Would you know what to do to help them? Many of us worry about how we would handle an emergency if a 911 response was not available. We can protect ourselves with firearms in case of […]