Del-Ton’s First Big-Bore AR — The Echo DTI .308

Del-Ton DTI-308

The new Del-Ton Echo DTI .308 rifle is the company’s first foray into the big-bore AR market, and the company has done so with the intent of appealing to a broad range of users. Marketed under the tagline “Shooter/Hunter/Defender”, it is clear that the DTI .308 is designed to fulfill a broad range of missions. […]

SP10: Seekins Precision’s High-Power .308 Rifle

seekins precision

As the patrol rifle has become increasingly popular in law enforcement circles, the limits of the .223 round are also becoming apparent. It is important to keep in mind that the .223, or 5.56mm, was developed in order to allow soldiers to carry more ammunition, not because of its down-range effectiveness. The thinking was that […]

DIY AKs with the American Gunsmithing Institute


It seems like the AR will always be America’s Rifle, but an old challenger from the East is giving the comparatively young AR a real run for its money in the domestic tactical market. The AK, or Avtomat Kalashnikova, still has a long way to go to catch up to the AR, but it is […]

Phase 5 Weapons Systems P5T15 5.56mm Rifle

Phase 5 Weapon Systems 1

The term “mil-spec” is bandied about in the AR world like it is the balm for all that ails you. All it means is that a piece of equipment meets the minimum acceptable standard for military use. When it comes to small arms like the M16 rifle or the M9 pistol, that standard can be […]

Mossberg Patriot Youth Rifle

nick amselle mossberg patriot

By Nick Amselle I recently received the new Mossberg Patriot Super Bantam Scoped Combo rifle in .308 Win., in anticipation of going deer hunting for the first time with my dad. This rifle is perfect for hunting or target shooting, and using a system of spacers, the rifle can grow with the shooter. Without the […]

Extreme Air: Umarex’s Full Auto Steel Force AR-Style Airgun

Umarex steelforce

Airguns have a great deal of utility and can be used in places where firearms cannot. This has a significant training advantage for the average shooter. For those who like to train with AR-platform rifles, Umarex USA has a new airgun that really fits the bill. The Umarex Steel Force is a clone of a […]

Looking Sharp: Sharps Bros’ AR Lower Receivers

sharps bros lower

The AR of today is virtually unrecognizable from the time I first picked one up at Fort Benning, Ga. Civilians at least can get ARs that look like something out of a sci-fi movie in any color or pattern and with insanely tricked-out features. However, anyone who is looking to build a custom AR that […]

Ruger Air Hawk from Umarex


By Nick Amselle Imagine a rifle. Give it a wooden stock and a scope. Think about how that would work, as an ordinary target or hunting rifle. Now, make it virtually silent, and remove the magazine so that it only holds one at a time. Remove the recoil, and make it break action, then, move […]

Build Your Own Ultra-Light AR Rifle

AR build

Eugene Stoner’s original AR design was a masterstroke of advanced engineering, not only in its method of operation but also in its use of plastics and aluminum. The materials used were far lighter than wood and steel, and the direct gas impingement operating system also significantly reduced the weight of the rifle. The American soldier […]

Questions & Answers About the AK-47

ak case

AKs may have a reputation for being simply built and easy-to-use firearms, but for those who are not intimately familiar with them, they can be the source of a lot of confusion, which leads to a lot of questions. What’s an AKM? Are AK parts interchangeable? The list goes on, and before we get into […]