The EAA ABDO Holster

eaa abdo holster

Cell phones used to be very large, then they got very small and now they are enormous again. No one blinks an eye to see you carrying a cell phone the size of a hubcap anymore, so why not take advantage of that and design a holster that looks like a cell phone case? This […]

Everyday Carry: Versatile EDC Holster Options


In the old days, all you needed to slap iron was a tough piece of cow leather to hold your gun on your belt, and when things started to get fancy they added a snap. If you were cheap, you could just stick the gun in your belt holster-less. However, with new types of carry, […]

Versacarry Holster Systems

Versacarry 1

Some solutions are so clear and work so well that you end up wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?” The Versacarry Zero Bulk holster system is certainly one of these ingeniously simple and yet extremely convenient and effective devices. Like many gun owners, I have more than one handgun. When I carry concealed I […]

KCT Kydex Holsters


We have all seen loads of Kydex holsters available in a plethora of styles but the new MOLLE-Link holster from Kinetic Concepts Tactical (KCT) really stands out. This holster uses a simple but highly effective and innovative design to allow the user to attach it to any MOLLE webbing. Tactical vests and belts, as well […]

Concealed Carry For Women

concealed carrie

Finding the perfect reliable holster design to accommodate a female shooter’s needs for 24/7 concealed carry self-defense! For the 2015 issue of CONCEALED CARRY HANDGUNS, author Megan Amselle looked to discover the cutting-edge designs becoming available for female shooter interested in daily concealed carry. In a review ranging from holster designs to concealment clothing to […]

5.11 Tactical COVRT M4 Case

511 bag

Concealed carry is not just for handguns anymore. “The better part of valor is discretion” said Falstaff in Shakespeare’s “Henry IV.” He was referring to feigning death in order to stay alive—playing possum—but discretion has many more practical applications. The COVRT M4 rifle case from 5.11 Tactical is designed to provide law enforcement officers, particularly […]

Concealed-Carry Holsters for Women


Holster makers are responding to the growing number of women carrying concealed firearms with a wide variety of holster options designed specifically for ladies. Firearms being the great equalizer they are, it should come as no surprise the fastest growth in concealed-carry permits is among women. There are also a plethora of firearm training courses […]