Gun Safes & Accessories For Home Defense


As gun owners, we are each responsible for gun safety, and a large part of that includes safe storage. Of course, what constitutes safe storage can vary from person to person. Someone with a large firearms collection and small children at home will have far different needs than an adult living on their own who […]

New Women’s Self-Defense Products For 2016

5-11 yoga pants

Having the advantage in a deadly encounter, whether it’s in your home or while you’re on the go, means making sure you have the best self-defense gear possible and know how to use it. For women, finding the right gear has traditionally been tricky for a variety of reasons—but not anymore! Check out these new […]

AK Roundup: 12 Stocks, Grips & Foregrips

ak archangel

If the standard Warsaw Pact AK stock feels a bit on the short side for the average American, that is no accident. Designed to adapt to the broadest range of troops without adjustment, the shorter length of pull was a reasonable solution to the problem. In addition, it accounted for the use of heavy winter […]

Silence of the Slams: 11 Big-Bore Suppressors


Hearing loss is permanent, and the more you damage your hearing, the worse it gets. The threshold for hearing loss is 140 decibels, and considering that rifles produce 160 to 170 decibels of sound, the need for good hearing protection and a well-made suppressor becomes readily if not painfully apparent. When it comes to big-bore […]

FAB Defense Targeting System

fab defense targets

Shooting reactive targets is not just more fun on the range—it’s also better for training when compared to paper targets. In a real defensive situation, the threat will react when shot or sometimes just when shot at. The downside with shooting steel is that bullets will ricochet, as anyone who has been peppered with this […]

13 Manufacturers with Cutting Edge AR Ammo


As the popularity of the AR continues to grow to meteoric levels, it seems like everyone already has one and is now buying their second or third rifle. Of course, thanks to Eugene Stoner’s ingenious design and the modular nature of the AR, you don’t need to buy a whole second rifle in order to […]

Top 10 Rugged, High-Powered Survival Lights

survival light

Flashlights are an essential part of every survival kit. If the power goes out, or darkness surrounds you, you’ll need a flashlight to find your way, identify threats and find shelter for your loved ones. Here are some of the best survival lights on the market that are extremely compact and durable. For more information […]

Hoffner’s Everyday Carry Folding Knives

hoffner knives

There are a lot of knifemakers who make excellent folders designed for tough use and to get you out of a scrape if necessary. There are also a lot of defensive instructors with decades of experience who can teach you exactly how to best use your defensive knife. However, there are only a small number […]

Going Off The Rails: Key-Mod, M-Lok, Picatinny and Weaver Rail Systems Explained


In the bad old days if you wanted to add an optic to your rifle you had to take it to a gunsmith who drilled and tapped the receiver in order to install scope rings. And if you wanted to get tactical by adding a flashlight to your rifle, Duct Tape (Bill Murray style) was […]

12 American Upgrades For the ComBloc-Style AK

AK upgrade

While the Cold War may have seemingly come to an end, the competition between the West’s AR and the East’s AK is still running hot. But, what if you want a ComBloc-style AK yet prefer modern American-style enhancements? Or, how about if you simply want a nice domestic upgrade to your foreign AK’s stock set? […]