American Hero’s 1911: The Chris Kyle Legend Series Springfield Armory .45

Chris Kyle Springfield

We like to think of American servicemen and women as heroes. But I think that is wrong. I think using that term on people like me who did nothing in the service diminishes the sacrifices of people who are actual heroes. People like Chris Kyle. If you don’t know who that is, take a break […]

School lunch (tacos)

Mmmmm good.

By Nicolas Amselle School lunches are notoriously terrible. From begging to trade with someone who packed at home to doing your best to gag down “casserole Surprise,” everyone knows how bad they are. But at least they have always been relatively basic; Nuggets, tater tots, sandwiches, mystery meat loaf, and other such things. But finally, […]

IWI’s Compact Uzi Pro Pistol

IWI Uzi Pro Pistol

It was 1985 when Chuck Norris, fresh from rescuing American POWs still held by the Viet Cong, returned to America only to have Florida invaded by terrorists in the middle of his much-needed vacation. I may be getting news reports mixed up with the film Invasion USA, but in either case the solution was two […]

Del-Ton’s First Big-Bore AR — The Echo DTI .308

Del-Ton DTI-308

The new Del-Ton Echo DTI .308 rifle is the company’s first foray into the big-bore AR market, and the company has done so with the intent of appealing to a broad range of users. Marketed under the tagline “Shooter/Hunter/Defender”, it is clear that the DTI .308 is designed to fulfill a broad range of missions. […]

The EAA ABDO Holster

eaa abdo holster

Cell phones used to be very large, then they got very small and now they are enormous again. No one blinks an eye to see you carrying a cell phone the size of a hubcap anymore, so why not take advantage of that and design a holster that looks like a cell phone case? This […]

SR45: Ruger’s Tough-As-Nails .45 ACP Pistol

Ruger SR45

The never-ending debate between aficionados of one handgun caliber over the other has been known to get personal, but in practical applications, such as in law enforcement, terminal ballistic performance is far being from the only issue. Police agencies must select a pistol/caliber combination that delivers what they need on every level and for every […]

Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle III

magnum research baby desert eagle III

The new Baby Desert Eagle pistol from Magnum Research does not actually share a lineage with the famed original Desert Eagle, although the former is made in Israel like the latter was for a time. The name is actually meant to capitalize on the notoriety of Magnum Research’s large Desert Eagle powerhouse while representing a […]

Micro Metal: The Remington RM380

remington rm380

Remington is not just the oldest gun maker in America, it also produces more rifles and shotguns than anyone else. While it is true that Remington has not traditionally focused on handguns, it did produce one of the most popular revolvers of the Civil War, the New Model Army, as well as a pocket pistol […]

SP10: Seekins Precision’s High-Power .308 Rifle

seekins precision

As the patrol rifle has become increasingly popular in law enforcement circles, the limits of the .223 round are also becoming apparent. It is important to keep in mind that the .223, or 5.56mm, was developed in order to allow soldiers to carry more ammunition, not because of its down-range effectiveness. The thinking was that […]

An Internet Gun Ban: Killing The First And Second Amendments


President Obama recently announced several Executive Actions on gun control. These were relatively minor steps (there is only so much a president can do on his own) but every single one was a poke in the eye to gun owners. Even his proposal to add more agents to the NICS background check system could be […]