AK Roundup: 12 Stocks, Grips & Foregrips

ak archangelIf the standard Warsaw Pact AK stock feels a bit on the short side for the average American, that is no accident. Designed to adapt to the broadest range of troops without adjustment, the shorter length of pull was a reasonable solution to the problem. In addition, it accounted for the use of heavy winter clothing or body armor. How about the AK’s small handguard, which does very little to protect the support hand from a hot barrel?

Archangel AA123-DT Opfor

The Archangel AA123-DT Opfor AK-series stock is a carbon-fiber-filled, polymer, four-position buttstock with a thick removable recoil pad. This unit will fit most any stamped-receiver AK rifle, and it features a seven-position adjustable cheek riser for use with optics. There are ambidextrous QD sling swivel attachment points at the front and rear of the stock, as well as a traditional sling slot at the toe of the stock. Made in the USA, it is 922r compliant and available in black, desert tan and OD green. (promagindustries.com; 800-438-2547)

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